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Seeing things differently makes life rich and full. Here I share some of my passions and personal and professional interests, including my publications and playgrounds. I strive to live creatively. Play helps me achieve that as it creates spaces to grow, alone, with others and with God. This summer took me all along the Natchez Trace to San Antonio on my motorcycle to share one meal with a dear friend.

Growing Down: Theology and Human Nature in the Virtual Age (Baylor University Press, 2017)

Growing Down is my latest book and explores our deepening relationship with especially handheld devices examine how our virtual relationships with and through our devices have become potentially addictive substitutes for face-to-face human relationships. At the base of the technological revolution are abiding theological questions about what it means to be and to become a person in a technological world.

I argue that the appeal of today’s communications technologies, especially the need to be constantly connected and online, is deeply rooted in the most basic ways humans develop. Human relationship with technology mirrors the holding environment established between young children and their primary caregivers. The virtual world plays upon humanity’s deep yearning to reestablish that primary life-giving environment and to recall those first loving and caring relationships. By handling a phone and engaging online, humans revisit the exhilaration, fear, relief, and confidence of belonging, discovering, and gaining knowledge. Technology affords a space where the self can play, feel alive, and be real. In being neither good, nor bad nor neutral, technology and our relationship to devices demand our attention. 

May these pages engage your imagination!

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Rev. Jaco J. Hamman, PhD.
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